When you hire Accelian, you don't simply get some extra help. Your mission becomes our mission. Our team of experts uses proprietary systems-thinking processes to deliver measurable success for your organization. If you are asking yourself:

  • Why do 50-80% of large projects fail and what should we do to keep that (or stop that) from happening in our organization?
  • I've been told to do more with less. Is that possible?
  • Why do I see hard work all around me, yet we never seem to get anywhere?
  • How can we best focus our limited resources to improve our mission?
Let our team of experts show you how.

Solution Architecture

Technology advances have enabled government agencies and private companies alike to connect more effectively than ever with customers, partners, and collaborating agencies in support of their mission. The potential for efficiency gains and improved results are enormous; but, to capitalize on them, organizations must be agile enough to constantly enhance complex systems. Accelian's Solution Architecture expertise synthesizes disciplines from Enterprise Architecture to Solution Development to deliver upon the promise of technology.

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Agile Planning

One of the most common reasons for large technology project failures is the failure to realize that the technology being developed is only one piece supporting a larger organizational system for getting things done. In order to succeed, large technology projects must have effectively integrated technology and business teams dedicated to improving an entire organizational system, not just to building a single IT system. Accelian's Agile Planning expertise bridges the potential gap between business and technology to deliver effective IT solutions.

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Strategy and Finance

In the modern world, pressure abounds from all directions to drive greater results out of fewer resources. At first, this tightrope can seem daunting, if not impossible, to achieve. However, driving more from less becomes realistic through a disciplined approach to decide what is truly important to an organization while focusing limited resources into only that which is truly important. Accelian's Strategy and Financial Management expertise solves the puzzle of doing more with less by turning organizational priorities into a shared vision that is aligned with available resources.

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