About Our Team

Accelian was founded in 2001 by Chris Carlisle and Terry Rice. We have since grown, but are still a small, focused team of experts in our field. Yet we have delivered results and developed a reputation among our clients that far exceeds our size. We believe this success starts with our hiring philosophy.


We selectively hire for a demonstrated track record of strong results, for quality of experience, and for demonstrated engagement in self-improvement. This hiring philosophy stands in contrast to some other consulting firms who emphasize salesmanship over demonstrated results, quantity over quality of experience, and pedigree of diplomas over a dedication to continued self-improvement. While those personal characteristics can also be strong indicators of success, they mean much less without the companion attributes that we look for in our people.

Thought Leaders

We expect each Accelian team member to be a critical player and thought leader on their project team. We believe that carrying non-essential staff on a project can actually impede that project's success. As a result, where some consulting companies will take any job opportunity offered and fill positions with the first candidate that meets a given job description, we have declined certain work opportunities to focus on strategically important projects and we only hire job candidates when we believe they will complement our reputation and philosophy.

With Determination

We encourage our team to live by a simple motto of 'Work hard. Play hard.' This motto emphasizes the high expectations we have for our people while they are on the job, but also that we want to foster that same spirit of care in our team's personal lives. We believe that people who can disengage from the job a healthy amount of time will approach work with greater focus, higher morale, a better perspective, and overall better performance.

And Teamwork

While our hiring philosophy has many strengths, its main potential constraint is on a rapid, large expansion of personnel with no loss of quality. To address this potential constraint, we continuously cultivate a select group of strategic partners who will form expanded teams of the same high quality we expect from ourselves. We have successfully teamed with partners on many of our largest project efforts to date and stand prepared to bring that same teamwork to future projects of any size.