Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture provides the communications necessary to guide the delivery of a product or service to market. The essential function of solution architecture is to provide translation between the business vision of an organization and the technical implementation of IT to support that vision. Successful solution architecture will support the delivery of products and services within an organization by providing:
  •   A Method for Communication with All Aspects of an Organization
  •   Technical and Thought Leadership
  •   Strategic and Tactical Planning
  •   Standards-Based Processes and Models
  •   Best Fit Technology and Product Selections

The foundation of Solution Architecture is based upon the understanding of organizational requirement and the integration of three major technical components:

Enterprise Architecture

Constructs and implements an overall technical vision used in communicating the strategic business perspective of the organization.

Domain Architecture

Provides design specifications intended to support a set of requirements identified by a component of an organization.

Solutions Development

Implements and tests designs required to support organizational requirements.

By providing the synthesis of these technical components with organization vision, Solution Architecture bridges the gap between what an organization requires and what technology can offer.